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Vale Canada Limited (formerly Vale Inco, CVRD Inco and Inco Limited; for corporate branding purposes simply known as "Vale" and pronounced in English) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Brazilian mining company Vale. Vale's nickel mining and metals division is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It produces nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, gold, and silver.

An employee shares his frustrating experience on, "Upper management at Vale Inco is brutal. They have their favorites that live a sheltered life at work. Us outcasts are sent to the coldest and darkest of places with no chance of success. Extreme heat to extreme cold. Management will send us to the hottest of places in the summer months and a fresh air raises in the winter. They will not provide us with warmer gear and it is getting colder... I fear I will not be able to complete my task down there. And it is only me that is left."


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Current Employee - Process Plant Technician says

"Very bad atmosphere morale is very low among ground floor employees. The long harbour site is very overstaffed in management and understaffed on the floor. Some of the management are sadists who go out of their way to make people miserable and scared. They constantly bully certain individuals. It's a common punishment to suspend people unpaid for making mistakes instead of trying to educate them on what they did wrong. Very little training and mentoring provided if any."

Current Employee - Financial Analyst says

"Does not consider employee grievances, no career growth prospects for local employees and very poor communication"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-changing strategies too quickly, no opportunities to see it through -increasing number of employees transferring from Brazil to Canada since the “Brumadinho” disaster in January. -As much as one of Vale’s values is “Do what is right” disasters, unnecessary accidents will occur because employees /very Sr mgrs are afraid to speak up -since “Brumadinho” the speech they give to employees is to speak up if you see risks, but still when you do ,nothing happens, employees are still fearful of loosing their job or being seen as difficult or challenging -Vale wants to keep their top Brazil talent so , they are terminating Canadians to bring the Brazilians to take the job -Hugh disparities in salaries for Employees transferring from Brazil / make way more , doing the same job /experience as their Canadian counterparts -perception if you don’t speak Portuguese you will be replaced ,or if they keep you , your role will be diminished, you will no longer gain the international experience because they will only put a Portuguese employee to speak with departments in Brazil. This was never the case before January 2018 when Base Metals gained a mostly Brazilian Sr leadership executive -no diversity"

Former Employee - Procurement Supervisor says

"- 100% Brazilian management, no opportunities for Canadians anymore"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"There are so many undesirable things I can list about this company, but I will focus on the core issues: - Employee retention is poor. Why? If you're not of that nationality, you get zero progression or transfer opportunities. Most managers favour their own and will replace and/or hire their kind to fill in senior positions in their global offices wherever possible. - Are you someone vocal, full of ideas and are able to conjure suggestions to improve workflow processes? Please try not to do that in Vale, not only will your ideas and suggestions get shot down by the management, you will be regarded as a "problem child". Prepare to kiss your future in Vale goodbye. The best part? That teammate of yours from the native land with similar ideas will get recognized! - Management is highly political. Go against them, and prepare to kiss your progression goodbye. - A good number of employees get soaked and influenced by the Vale culture. What happens? They'll learn to do finger pointing when things goes wrong."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay compared to other companies. Heavy workload. Monday to Friday work week."

Former Employee - Engineering Geologist says

"Extremely bad relationships between employer and employees (HR considers employees as enemies). Relationships are awful with the local community as well, to the point it can be dangerous to show up in uniform in some parts of the territory."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very low career opportunities. Low salaries for the non strategic areas."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much of experience for a student"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Tightly working environment - Not open-mind"

Industrial Electrician (Former Employee) says

"The hours were long and the staff was unfriendly, there was always cage delays and they would not pay you the money owed, always had to file grievances to get paid what was owed."

FITTER/WELDER (Former Employee) says

"Belittled and treated like school kids by very arrogant management. Benefits were not good at all and new pension is not very good either especially after changed to vale.nonUnderpaid and treated like school kids."

Fitter/Welder (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and very low morale make for an unpleasant work atmosphere.wage"

Process Research/Foreman Technologist (Former Employee) says

"Many occupational hazards to avoid (more to come). I will elaborate more when I feel more comfortable with this website.much to learnocc hazards"

Logistics Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Our primary business is mining, an essential activity in modern times. From cell phones to airplanes, building structures to coins, ores are the ingredients for various indispensable items for your everyday life. We are the world’s largest iron ore and nickel producer, also​ operating in other mineral sectors, and through investments in technology and logistics we assure efficiency, growth and sustainability in our operations."

Designer/ Engineer-in-training (Former Employee) says

"Overall, Inco was a great place to work. A typical day saw me with about four or five different projects on the go - I loved this. I leared a lot about the mining industry and especially about cold weather survival. The hardest part of being in Manitoba was the extreme, entended cold weather to which I was curiously getting accustomed. The most enjoyable part of the job was the amount of projects I was doing all at once.Lots of hands-on work which constantly challenged meCold"

Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"company treats guys good, but it is a marginal mine. The threat of closure was always on peoples minds, the mine did eventually close it doors. no more work.unionjob security"